Billions of gadget users warned to never make two searches after ‘virtual parasite’ that hijacks your device discovered

EXPERTS have warned about a malware that can infect your devices and steal your information.

Cybersecurity experts at AT&T Alien Labs found that threat actors have been using malware to conduct illicit activity.

Experts have warned about a malware that can infect your devices


Experts have warned about a malware that can infect your devicesCredit: Getty

“In the constantly evolving landscape of cyber threats, malicious actors continuously find new and ingenious ways to exploit technology for their own gain,” AT&T Alien Labs said.

“Recently Alien Labs has observed an emerging trend where malware creators are utilizing proxy applications as their tool of choice,” it added.

Malware is a malicious file or code that can infect your phone or computer.

It can attack your device through malicious apps, compromised emails, or non-secure WiFi connections.

This specific malware, named AdLoad, was first uncovered in 2017 by cybersecurity experts.

It not only targets operating systems but is good at evading security tools and a number of third party antivirus programs, experts said.

What’s more, the malware is excellent at preventing victims from removing the software.

“The pervasive nature of AdLoad potentially infecting thousands of devices worldwide — indicates that users of MacOS devices are a lucrative target for the adversaries behind this malware and are being tricked to download and install unwanted applications,” the company said.


AdLoad spreads through a sort of drive-by compromise, experts explained.

Basically, it hijacks users’ traffic and inserts ads and promotions into webpages and search results.

It does this by redirecting the traffic through the adware operators’ servers.

Two of the biggest searches that prompt this redirecting includes looking for “cracked software and games.”

“Different malware strains are delivering the proxy – relying on users looking for interesting things,” AT&T Alien Labs said.


For starters, it’s important to always keep your device updated with the latest software.

You should also avoid installing apps from unofficial system stores, and even then, do your research.

Furthermore, you should never download anything from strange pop-up windows or suspicious looking websites.

It’s also important to install an antivirus on your device so it can scan for any and all malware.

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