Malarpon DispalyPort Headless Ghost Display Emulator with Blue Light for PC 4K DP Dummy Plug (fit Headless 1080@60Hz-3840×2160@17Hz) 3P

41yBGScdBqL. AC SL150051tFwMkX0gL. AC SL150041fK84VsrPL. AC SL1500418dJUHs5yL. AC SL1500512AZUJAMcL. AC SL1500
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Get hardware accelerated Remote Desktop thru moonlight game streaming without needing a monitor Plugged into the machine Work to see 2 monitors through TeamViewer on a headless PC and these worked great
Can remote into a desktop without a monitor for work and it was always reverting to an the old square display
Configuration or power supply just set Design No drivers, no configuration, no power cable – just set and forget Allows for high works with OSX,Windows, Linux and just about anything else
No drivers or config needed download any software or configure the unraid server just plug in adjust Resolution and connect .Works great as intended!have any questions please contact us 24 hours . Absolute service to your satisfaction!