DUSTSILVER D84 Wireless 75% Classic Retro Mechanical Keyboard with RGB, Hot Swappable, Bluetooth/2.4G/Type-C Connection, Gateron Red Switches for Smooth Typing

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Product Description

wireless keyboard
wireless keyboard

Hidden Design

Experience a cutting-edge design with the wireless receiver and mode switch button’s hidden slide cover, providing both style and functionality.

wireless mechanical keyboard
wireless mechanical keyboard

3 Cable Directions

Whether you prefer a left, right, or centered cable position, we provides the flexibility you need to maximize your workspace and productivity.


PBT Keycaps

Experience long-lasting typing comfort with our PBT keycaps that resist wear and maintain a smooth, non-greasy texture even after extended use.

wireless keyboard
wireless keyboard

Adjustable Height

Optimize your typing position with our customizable keyboard height adjustment feature. Maximize your comfort and performance for gaming or typing.

Hot Swappable

Swap & Customize & Upgrade

Swap out switches on-the-fly for a personalized typing experience.

Upgrade and customize your keyboard without having to replace the entire board.

Easy maintenance and repair for longer-lasting use.

The PCB of D84 supports hot-swappable 3-pin and 5-pin mechanical switches.


TOP Mount

Revolutionize your typing

A revolutionary design that delivers unparalleled typing satisfaction and precision.

The advanced construction eliminates distracting noise and vibration for a seamless typing experience.

The ultra-durable build ensures your keyboard will withstand even the most intense gaming sessions.


Macro Editing

A competent assistant

Our keyboard provides professional software for customizing keyboard functions:

1. You can customize key combinations for both productivity in the office and quick skill releases in gaming, making it your perfect partner.

2. You can freely adjust the keyboard’s RGB lighting with customizable speed, brightness, and direction.

3. Adjust the keyboard’s sleep time according to your usage frequency, making the keyboard adapt to you instead of the other way around.

mechanical keyboard

High Capaticy

Type without limits

Enjoy uninterrupted typing for days with our keyboard’s high-capacity 3750mAh battery. Say goodbye to frequent charging and focus on your work or leisure with peace of mind

In the light mode long press the FN + BACKSPACE key combination to view the remaining power

wireless mechanical keyboard

RGB Backlit

Colorful lighting experience

Enhance your typing experience with our keyboard’s stunning RGB lighting effect. With its endless spectrum of vibrant colors and dynamic lighting modes, every keystroke becomes a mesmerizing visual feast. With the explosive energy of a pulsating rainbow wave, our RGB keyboard lets you customize your typing style and mood to perfection. Immerse yourself in a dazzling world of light and color, and let your keyboard be the ultimate expression of your creativity and personality.


75% Layout

Small, But Mighty

Designed to maximize your workspace and minimize clutter, this keyboard provides a perfect balance of form and function. Its compact size makes it ideal for both office and gaming setups, while its customizable keymapping and ergonomic design ensure a comfortable and efficient typing experience. With its minimalist yet stylish appearance, our 75% layout keyboard is the perfect addition to any modern workspace. Upgrade your typing game today and experience the power of efficiency.


wireless mechanical keyboard

wireless mechanical keyboard

wireless mechanical keyboard

wireless mechanical keyboard

1 Decorative Strips 2 Adjustable Height 3 Back 4 Front

Is there a MacOS version with the OPT and CMD key function?

Sure, we support MacOS shortcut operation, just press FN+M to switch to MacOS operation mode

How can I check how much power is left?

Very easy, press and hold the FN+BACKSPACE key combination in the light mode, the number area 1 to 0 will show the remaining power

Does it has a special app for macro editing?

You can download our software from our brand’s official website to perform macro editing operations. In addition, our software can also control keyboard lighting and sleep time, making it highly interactive and fun to use.

It’s hot swappable for DIY other switches and keycaps?

The PCB of D84 supports hot-swappable 3-pin and 5-pin mechanical switches. For keycap replacement, we recommend choosing KDA profile keycaps, which are the designed height by the manufacturer.

Can I type words on my ipad?

The devices such as iPad, tablets, and smartphones can be connected and paired through Bluetooth, allowing for simple operations such as inputting text, deleting, and enter.

Relive your childhood gaming memories

Classic Red and White Keyboard, designed to perfectly complement your beloved retro gaming consoles. With its vintage-inspired design and durable construction, this keyboard is sure to take your gaming experience to the next level. Now step back in time to the golden age of gaming!

What’s in the package:

-1 x DUSTSILVER D84 wireless mechanical keyboard

-1 x USB-C to USB-A cable (1.5m)

-1 x 2.4G receiver

-1 x Transparent dust cover

-1 x Keycap/Switch puller

-1 x Quick guide/Poster

NOTE:Turn off the keyboard backlight in wireless mode can effectively extend the use time.

【Smooth and Silent】Gateron red switches, with an operating force of 45±15gf. The smooth and effortless pressing mechanism reduces strain and fatigue, providing long-lasting comfort.
【Highly Customizable】Upgrade your typing and gaming experience with our keyboard featuring hot-swappable switches and macro editing software, allowing you to easily customize and optimize your workflow
【Refreshingly Durable】Enjoy a superior typing experience with our keyboard featuring PBT keycaps and KDA height design, delivering both durability and ergonomic comfort for long-lasting productivity
【Nice Gift for Him】Stumped on what gift to get him? Why not try this classic red and white mechanical keyboard? Almost every boy grew up with memories of playing on a red and white game console. Give him a gift that will remind him of you every time he uses it