Apply now: Code Cash Crop 4.0 Ag-hackathon invites you to solve food system challenges with tech

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  • AFEX Code Cash Crop 4.0 is accepting applications for the ag-hackathon component in Nigeria and Kenya.
  • The ag-hackathon is focused on building innovative technological and business solutions to address challenges in the agricultural value chain.
  • The challenges highlighted for this year’s edition include developing a price data mining database, creating a USSD software for interactive farming advice, and innovating around logistics and supply chain to ease transactions for farmers and processors.

Applications are now open in Nigeria and Kenya for the ag-hackathon component of AFEX Code Cash Crop 4.0. Code Cash Crop is an exciting event that brings together the brightest minds in the agriculture, finance, and technology industry to build revolutionary products to accelerate Africa’s food security. While the African AgriTech industry has made significant strides in addressing food system challenges and ensuring food security for the growing population, it is essential to leverage the potential of agriculture, finance, and technology in providing innovative and scalable solutions in the value chain.

With ‘scaling market-led solutions’ as the theme for this fourth edition, the Ag-hackathon is focused on innovative technological and business solutions to address the major challenges identified in the agricultural value chain, with promising adoption interest among stakeholders. You are invited to submit proposals around three challenges highlighted under the theme of this year’s edition:

The Data Challenge

In an ideal world, a price intelligence database collects and analyzes market data to guide trading decisions, tracking market trends, competitor prices, historical data, and other factors that affect agribusiness and agriculture investment. However, there is a supply chain inefficiency caused by uninformed market players due to a lack of data.

Apply now: Code Cash Crop 4.0 Ag-hackathon invites you to solve food system challenges with tech

We are accepting solutions around a price data mining database that can be accessed through the web or mobile devices, serving as the go-to source for pricing information in Nigeria.

The Extension Challenge

Oftentimes, smallholder farmers can access the names and details of chemicals to use at different stages to boost their yield. However, farmers are not familiar with these terms and guides, and input sellers and students only know the theory but not the practice. This leads to low yields from most farms.

Hence, create a USSD software and infrastructure to provide tailored and interactive training and timely farming advice that also considers language differences.

The Logistics Challenge

The importance of storage and logistics solutions has been openly and widely discussed across the globe. Innovating around logistics and supply chain eases transactions for farmers and processors; farmers can send their produce to nearby warehouses, reduce losses, and earn more and processors can track their deliveries from warehouse to location. However, farmers do not have access to these warehouses, and sell below market price to middlemen. Similarly, processors also cannot trace their goods from dispatch to delivery, losing accountability and increasing risk. To combat this, we are accepting solutions that allow farmers, off-takers, and processors to easily request storage and logistics services in real time and have their produce dispatched with engaging

experiences. The solution should prioritize accessibility and communication, particularly for farmers in rural areas.

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