How Steel Contractors Tackle Industry Challenges With Tech


Recent data shows that steel contractors are especially hit hard by the labor shortage, with 58% of steel contractors citing that 50% or more of their projects are negatively impacted by a shortage of skilled labor; 59% reporting cost issues, 48% saying quality is affected and 44% citing an increase in rework.

For more than a decade, Procore has partnered with steel contractors across the country to increase productivity in the field, shop, and office through operational efficiencies. Through this partnership, our customers have been able to grow and scale their businesses amidst the challenges they face in the industry today. 

In the steel industry, it’s all about being on time. They can’t build the building until the steel gets there. If we can coordinate faster. If we can have that communication with the field faster, that just helps us hit all of those deadlines and all of those targets and just makes us that much better.

– Susan Otto, Process Improvement Manager, LeJeune Steel

Procore’s purpose-built solutions help teams standardize critical business workflows, eliminate time-consuming manual processes, and gain visibility into projects in real-time. All of which allow teams to work together in a single solution, speaking the same language, and accessing the same information to increase productivity, improve performance, and protect margins.

Procore allows us to communicate with the field faster. We have real-time information so we can make decisions and coordinate issues faster.

– Susan Otto

If you’re a steel contractor and are only using Procore through a client account or if you’re not familiar with Procore at all, here are some of our key solutions that have helped steel fabricators, erectors, and/or full service contractors like you: 

  • Project Execution: Ensure teams are always working off the latest drawings both in the shop and field. Reduce rework and improve production rates with access to real-time information, anytime and anywhere. Save an average of 2 hours per week with Procore’s daily reporting solution that eliminates administrative burden for your field while increasing access to real-time information for your office. 

Our project managers save roughly four hours per project, which totals to around 80 hours per month across the business. They aren’t digging through their emails or searching for documents because it’s all in Procore. For our accounting team, it shortened our month end by at least half a day and we feel better that the numbers are correct. Senior management can now confidently analyze the results and forecast.

– Susan Otto

  • Workforce Management: Whether in the field or the shop, having access to real-time productivity information is critical for keeping projects on track to meet schedule and budget. With Procore’s workforce management solution, you can get more done with the same headcount by optimizing your existing workforce’s productivity and efficiently moving them from job to job.
  • Financial Management: Data shows that 32% of additional revenue is lost due to missed change orders. With Procore’s financial management solution, your field teams can easily document cost impacts in real-time so the office can initiate a change and protect your bottom line. Connect to any accounting system to increase visibility into job costs and ensure financial data is always up-to-date.

If I wanted to look at a given cost code, I had to look at 100 spreadsheets. Now, we put all of it into Procore and it has been an absolute game changer. There’s no fat fingering. There’s no data entry errors. It’s all there. It really just brings all of that visibility. It’s not a gut decision. It is a data driven decision.

– Susan Otto

Procore is changing the way steel contractors build with connected solutions that help you manage your project, people, and processes from bidding to closeout. If you are still operating with paper-based processes and manual, disjointed methods then you might want to take another look at technology and see how it can help drive your business forward.

Procore is committed to helping steel contractors drive success. If you want to learn more about a Procore partnership, click here to request a demo.

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