Buddynice – Okhokho Be Tech (Redemial Mix)

Buddynice – Okhokho Be Tech (Redemial Mix)

South African deep house DJ and producer Buddynice has released a new track titled “Okhokho Be Tech (Redemial Mix)“. The track is a testament to Buddynice’s talent for crafting soulful and emotive house music, and is sure to be a hit among fans of the genre.

Okhokho Be Tech (Redemial Mix)” is a classic Buddynice track, blending deep grooves, atmospheric synths, and soulful vocals to create a sound that is both introspective and danceable. The track is characterized by its propulsive beat and intricate production, which showcases Buddynice’s skill as a producer.

The title of the track, which translates to “grandparents of tech”, hints at the influence of classic house and techno music on Buddynice’s sound. Despite the nod to the past, however, Buddynice manages to make the track feel fresh and contemporary, with a sound that is uniquely his own.

Fans of Buddynice’s previous releases, including his debut album “My Journey Volume 1” and his EP “Expressive Sessions“, are sure to appreciate the new track. “Okhokho Be Tech (Redemial Mix)” is a perfect example of why Buddynice is considered one of the rising stars of the South African house music scene.

Overall, “Okhokho Be Tech (Redemial Mix)” is a must-listen track for fans of deep house and anyone looking for soulful, emotive music that moves both the body and the mind. Buddynice’s talent for blending classic and contemporary sounds is on full display here, making this track yet another standout release from the talented producer.

DOWNLOAD Okhokho Be Tech (Redemial Mix) by Buddynice MP3 [17.22 MB]


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