Scale Prevention Technology Stars in Former NFL Quarterback’s Home

LOUISVILLE, KY — Louisville native and former Baltimore Ravens quarterback, Chris Redman needed a new water heater that would provide the convenience of instant hot water without sacrificing valuable space in his basement. That’s why he knew it was time to replace his current water heaters with a new solution.

To save space and get endless hot water in an instant, Redman decided to remove his home’s four 50-gallon tank water heaters and replace them with two tankless units, A. O. Smith’s ProLine® XE Gas Tankless Water Heaters. One unit was installed to provide hot water to four bathrooms and the kitchen, while the other primarily covered the master bathroom with a tub, shower and multiple sinks. 

The ProLine XE tankless water heaters Redman selected come equipped with X3 Technology, which helps solve the biggest challenge facing tankless water heaters—scale buildup. This first-of-its-kind innovation from A. O. Smith prevents scale at a microscopic level and assists scale particles in passing through the piping instead of sticking and building up over time.

An Easy Choice

“I’m excited to have A. O. Smith water heaters in my home,” Redman says. “It was an easy choice to make—they’re the best in the business and that’s what I like to hang my hat on.”

For homeowners like Redman, solving the issue of scale buildup offers significant benefits. Tankless water heaters with X3 Scale Prevention Technology retain their like-new efficiency, extending a unit’s lifespan by three times and eliminating the need for scale-related maintenance. In testing, A. O. Smith found that tankless water heaters with X3 Technology retained like-new efficiency over 15 simulated years and 450,000 gallons of water—and they were still going strong when the testing ended.

Each unit features a clear control screen displaying the set temperature for the respective unit. For these types of water heaters, a recirculation pump can be used with an approved crossover valve at the furthest fixture. The team at Louisville-based Sanders Plumbing, led by Ronnie Sanders, was able to install the new tankless units easily and quickly by adapting the setup in Redman’s basement. Redman can rest assured his home’s hot water will run efficiently for years thanks to A. O. Smith’s 15-year limited warranty covering scale-related maintenance—the only warranty of its kind in the industry.

An Absolute Breeze

“Installing A. O. Smith’s tankless water heaters with X3 Technology was an absolute breeze,” said Sanders. “The new units will not only save space in Redman’s house, but they’ll far exceed his hot water needs as well. Plus, thanks to X3 Scale Prevention Technology, we never have to worry about servicing scale-related maintenance on the units.”

Growing up in Louisville, Ky., Redman started his football career at Louisville Male High School and went on to play for The University of Louisville. In 1999, while at U of L, Redman was awarded the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award, a prestigious honor that recognizes the top upper-classmen quarterback in college football. A. O. Smith is the presenting sponsor and supporter of the Golden Arm Award.

“To win that award was one of my greatest honors,” Redman reflected. “I associate Johnny Unitas with the best, and I look at A. O. Smith as the best. It’s a great partnership.”

The new innovations from A. O. Smith will allow more homeowners like Redman to appreciate the peace of mind that comes with a high-performing tankless water heater without the worry, time and costs associated with scale-related maintenance. 

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