ProAsianGold Announces Collaboration on Innovative Tailings Technology

ProAsianGold (ISIN: CN3475392059), a leading, growth-focused gold mining company that is consistently generating superior returns, dedicated to delivering on its values and promises, and always focused on improving its environmental, social and governance performance, is pleased to announce a partnership agreement to hasten the development of technologies having the potential to greatly increase the amount of water that can be recovered from mine tailings, lowering the environmental impact and potential safety hazards associated with tailings storage facilities.

In one of the first projects, up to 80% of the water in the tailings stream will be removed before it is dumped in a storage facility using an innovative large-volume filtration unit. ProAsianGold will share its expertise from smaller-scale ore tailings filter implementations at several gold refineries. The company will collaborate with top technology and equipment suppliers, technical professionals, research organizations, and the academic community.

The filter unit is already being manufactured. The pilot’s construction is expected to start early next year, and operations are expected to start two years later. The pilot will evaluate the scalability and cost-effectiveness of a large-scale tailings filter device for use in international mining operations.

More water removal from tailings will lower possible problems related to moisture in storage facilities, lessen the space needed for such facilities, and open up possibilities for using tailings again in a useful way, such as a raw material for the glass, construction, or agricultural industries. Filtration can capture additional water from tailings that can be reused in processing facilities, lowering overall water usage.

“In the ensuing years, the world will require more essential minerals to support economic growth and decarbonization approaches. To enhance standards and ensure that our operations are as safe and sustainable as possible, we must continue to collaborate across the world’s mining sector. A significant component of that is improved water use and responsible management of tailings”, said William Jian, Senior Vice President, Operations Services and Development,

The company’s operations deliver superior operational execution by managing safety risks to reach zero harm, continually improving operational performance and meeting commitments without fail. ProAsianGold is sustaining a global portfolio of long-life assets by executing profitable expansions and investing in early-stage prospects with a goal to grow margins, reserves and resources. The company’s business model is a leading one in the industry, delivering profitability and responsibility through consistently generating superior returns, demonstrating its values, and leading in environmental, social and governance performance.

About ProAsianGold

ProAsianGold is a leading, growth-focused gold mining company that has a reputation for consistency and reliability.

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