Anti-drone tech to be deployed at Dublin Airport within weeks

Anti-drone tech will be deployed at Dublin Airport within three weeks, the airport has confirmed. 

In recent months, the illegal flying of drones near the airport has caused chaos and disrupted the travel plans of thousands. 

“We need the ability to be able to take a drone down when someone breaks the law and flies a drone near Dublin Airport,” DAA spokesperson Graeme McQueen told Newstalk. 

“This technology will give us the ability to do that and the message, until we get the drone technology in place and up and running, is that it’s illegal to fly a drone within 5km of Dublin Airport. 

“You shouldn’t do it and if you do do it, you will get caught and get punished.” 

F9TDAH 1 F9TDAH Devon & Cornwall Police use a drone in a search and rescue operation

Staff have undergone training in the use of anti-drone technology and are now waiting on regulatory approval. 

“They [staff] have got to grips with that, they’re ready to go,” Mr McQueen said. 

“Once we get the necessary approval in the next few weeks we will be up and running at Dublin Airport.” 

In 2023, Dublin Airport was forced to cancel flights six times because of drone activity – a situation Ryanair labelled “unacceptable”.

Main image: A ‘No Drone Zone’ sign at Dublin Airport. Image: PA Images / Alamy

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