UK energy secretary Grant Shapps amazed by MoltexFLEX’s advanced nuclear technology

Warrington, UK (21st April 2023) – The Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP, UK Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero, visited British advanced nuclear technology and energy storage developer MoltexFLEX yesterday – and was hugely impressed by the work the company is doing in its Warrington-based laboratory.

The government minister, who was accompanied by Andy Carter, MP for Warrington South, got hands-on experience of the work MoltexFLEX is doing to develop the FLEX reactor and GridReserve thermal storage solution, which both have huge potential to create British jobs and exports.

Shapps had an opportunity to experience working in the company’s newly commissioned glove box – the first time, he mentioned, that he’d ever used one. He also poured molten salt – which will form the basis of the FLEX reactor’s fuel and coolant – heated to hundreds of degrees Celsius, describing it as “amazing”. He was also interested to hear that molten salt nuclear technology can generate carbon-free energy cost-effectively and was very enthusiastic about MoltexFLEX being a “British solution”.

“British innovation is massively improving, and what Moltex is doing in Birchwood is on a different scale,” Shapps said.

“We’ve got some fantastic research and development in this country – and we don’t need to invent anything from scratch,” he added.

Phil Quayle, MoltexFLEX lead chemist, said: “It was a great pleasure to show the Secretary of State the experimental work we’re undertaking to make the FLEX reactor a reality. He was very interested in the technical details and fascinated by the molten salt process.”

David Landon, MoltexFLEX CEO, said: “It’s always enjoyable to show people the progress we’re making towards creating next-generation low-cost nuclear technology, but especially so when the person in question is the Secretary of State for DESNZ. It was encouraging that he understood the challenges for us, and was asking how advanced nuclear technology fits into the mix.

“What’s needed now are the right signals from government that will enable us to develop this technology in the UK – and then export it around the globe.”

MoltexFLEX is also making strides worldwide. As a winner of the UK government’s prestigious Green Builders of Tomorrow competition, David Landon will be visiting the United Arab Emirates next week to meet with potential investors in the run-up to COP28.

Access photos of the visit here.

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