Rackmount Kit For SonicWall TZ 600 – SWRack RM-SW-T6

Price: $129.95 - $117.97
(as of Jun 21,2022 00:08:16 UTC – Details)


SonicWall provides very good performing devices for small and medium sized businesses; however these are desktop models. These days businesses move to 19 inch racks and the new SwRack kits are excellent to fit SonicWall devices into 19 inch cabinets. Rack Mount Kit For SonicWall TZ 600 (RM-SW-T6). The RM-SW-T5 kit is an excellent add-on to place your high performance SonicWall in a 19 inch rack. On top of that it brings the essential console and network connections to the front. The SonicWall model RM-SW-T6 has 9 connections accessible on the front including the console connection. The unit is 1U high. Assembly will take about 5 minutes. Simply slide your SonicWall device in the kit, place the retainers and connect the supplied cables to the keystones.
Rack Mount Kit for SonicWall TZ600 RM-SW-T6
PERFECT FIT: You can assemble your firewall or switch onto the rack with existing screws from the appliance for a perfect fit into our custom cut-outs; All connections are easily accessible from the front providing a clean look
KEEP IT COOL: Custom model airflow cut-outs ensures that the hardware does not overheat by giving it all the breathing room it needs
POWER: A fixed power supply secures the appliance from falling or shifting
Product Dimensions: 1.73 in. x 18.98 in. x 8.54 in.; 1U; Weight: 4 lbs; Part Number: RM-SW-T6