MBP Versatile Bike Block – Thru AXLE (15×110 12×100 15×100 15×150 12×110) & Quick Release 9x100mm – Bicycle Truck Bed/Storage – Version 2 New Sizes Added

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Price: $34.95
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Our MBP QR Fork Mount Bike Block fits most bicycles with a front Quick Release. Made Heavy Duty with Strong lightweight Alloy Construction. Great for storage and transportation. The block where fork attaches is 100mm. MBP block can be mounted vertically or horizontally. The mount is designed to be mounted to any strong surface. They can be used with a 2×4 that is cut to fit flush in a truck bed for transport or in a garage for storage. It does not include mounting hardware. This unique one of a kind specially designed block has adapters for varying thru axle sizes as well as working with a standard QR setup. Fits: 15×100, 12x100mm, 15x110mm, 15x150mm, 12x110mm . All Madison Bicycle Parts have a 1 year manufacturer warranty against defects from date of purchase.
MBP THRU AXLE MOUNT VERSION 2 ✅ Versatile: Great for Storage or Transportation. Can be mounted in a garage, home, shed, etc for storage. Can be mounted in a truck bed, van, or on a trailer for transportation.
✅ Comes with fitments for varying thru axles and standard QR.
✅ Strong and lightweight Alloy Construction.
✅ Mount for Thru Axles 15×100, 12×100, 15×110, 15×150, and 12×110. Fits many bicycles with the versatile adapters that are included. Also works with QR 9x100mm.
✅ 1 Year Manufacturer warranty against defects. Satisfaction Guaranteed. ✅