Ram Pro RV Trailer Plug Light Circuit Tester Adapter 7 Way Blade & 4 Pin Trailer Wiring Tester Trailer Light Wire Circuit Tester for Boat SUV Truck

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Price: $17.99
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Ram Pro Seven Blade &Four Pin Tester
✓ The Ram Pro 7 Blade & 4 Pin Tester is an extremely useful product when there is an urgent need of checking the configuration of the tow circuit of the vehicle. The product comes handy at the time when the need of checking the circuit’s configuration arises.
✓ SPECS: Our 4 pin tester as indicated by the name of the product comes with seven blades and 4 pins which makes the product perfectly usable.
✓ QUALITY: Our 4 way trailer plug tester is of the premium quality. In an addition to this, the trailer plug tester is extremely easy and convenient to use which is immensely beneficial for the customers. Moreover, the tester is extremely durable in nature and hence are not easily damaged when they are used.
✓ DESIGN: The design so given to the trailer plug tester with seven blades by the manufacturers is just ideal so that the users do not face any kinds of troubles at the time of using the product.
✓ USES: The 4 pin tester is just the perfect product to be used in the garages, workshops and a lot of other similar places where there is a need to check the configuration of circuit.