ELECOM Bluetooth Thumb-Operated Compact-Size Trackball Mouse 5-Button Function Smooth Tracking, Less-Noise Precision Optical Gaming Sensor with Semi-Hard Case (M-MT1BRSBK)

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ELECOM Thumb-Operated Compact-Size Trackball Mouse “bitra” (M-MT1 Series))

Carry Smart, Work Efficiently

-The ELECOM “bitra” trackball mouse provides precise cursor movement for superior accuracy. Help improving productivity and efficiency of your work.

– Optical Tracking Technology : Optical Sensor can read your accurate movement.

– 5 Buttons with Scroll Wheel

– DPI can be switched to 750/1500.

– Support Windows and Mac OS. Check details.


Wireless or Bluetooth Model

ELECOM Mouse Assistance software

Windows 10, Windows RT8.1, Windows 7, macOS Mojave (10.14). (Latest OS version required)

DPI 750 / 1500 counts

5 Buttons with Scroll Wheel

Comes with 1 Semi-Hard Case

Size: W2.9″(73.7mm) X L3.5″(89.9mm) X H1.6″(41.3mm)

76.5g/2.7oz w/o battery









Functional 5 Buttons

Comes with 5 physical buttons on the device and the scroll wheel. Download ELECOM Mouse Assistant to customize each buttons like the way you want.

Customizable Buttons

You can assign favorite function to each button by using “ELECOM Mouse Assistant” ELECOM Mouse Assistant Software will be available to download from ELECOM NET website.

Recommend for PC Gaming Control: Customize each button function to enhance your gaming experience.

DPI Switch

The cursor movement speed can be switched to 750/1500 counts. Simply slide the switch to change the DPI speed.

Silent Click Buttons

The clicks are quiet. Silent buttons ideal for public spaces, late night projects at home, library and so on. Now you can stop disturbing others and focus on what you need to do.









Maintenance : Easy to Clean

Push the ball out from behind with your finger or a pen.

Remove dust from the areas where the three red support balls contact the trackball using a cotton swab.

As dirt and grime builds up around the trackball, the mouse cursor may jerk around the screen erratically or refuse to move at all. Keep your trackball clean all the time.

Battery level indicator lamp

When the battery level gets low, battery indicator lamp will glow. Once the indicator lamp turns on please change the battery from the back side of the body.

The attached battery is for checking initial operation.

It may be consumed faster than the new batteries, but this is not a malfunction of the mouse itself.

Semi-Hard Case

Each “bitra” trackball mouse comes with Semi-Hard Case. A semi-hard case with a special design protects the trackball mouse during the mobile purpose.


ELECOM has a wide variety of product categories, including PC-related products, audio visual device-related products, digital equipment-related products, exercise-related products and more

We set out to create new markets with the concept of a “Human interface: Connecting users to devices with more comfort and better usability that are more friendly and comfortable for you and your family”.



With “Mouse Assistant” you are enable to assign mouse buttons to any functions as you like to customize your mouse.

Access to ELECOMUS dot com to download “Mouse Assistant”.Click “Mouse Assistant” from the top menu.Select either Windows or MacOS version.Select “Download” tab and click the zip file to download and proceed to install “Mouse Assistant”. For more information, please click “How To Install” tab.After the installation, restart your computer.


✅《OPTICAL TRACKING TECHNOLOGY》The ELEOM trackball provides precise cursor movement for superior accuracy so you can get where you want on the screen quickly with less hand movement, improving productivity and efficiency.
✅《FUNCTIONAL 5 BUTTONS》Even this is compact-size, it comes with 5 physical buttons on the device. It is very easy to move in any direction. Also this mouse provides noise reduction on the click sound.
✅《DPI CURSOR》Designed with a high-performance gaming optics system sensor and lens. The DPI button can easily change between 750(LOW) and 1500(HIGH) DPI, making the movements of your cursor faster or slower.
✅《EASY MAINTENANCE》The ball rolls on three 2.5 mm large artificial ruby ball bearings. They are extremely smooth and the relatively large size prevents dust and dirt from clogging them. So you don’t have to clean the ball bearings too often. The ball is held in place by the ball bearings, but can easily be popped out of the device, by pushing it through the hole in the bottom and it can be easily cleaned.
✅《PRODUCT DETAILS》System requirements: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows RT8.1, Windows 10 or later, macOS 10.14, iOS13.4, iPad OS13.4, Size: W2.9″(73.7mm) X L3.5″(89.9mm) X H1.6″(41.3mm), Weight: 2.7oz(without battery), DPI: 750/1500 count (switchable), Connectivity: bluetooth, 1 X AAA battery(Included), Mouse semi-hard case Includes