EPR-Technologies, Inc., a Company Advancing Emergency Medical Resuscitation Capabilities, Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

EPR-Technologies, Inc. (the “Company”) is a privately held Arizona corporation (incorporated June 13, 2006) that was formed to utilize the methods patent developed at the Safar Center for Resuscitation Research, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine (the “Safar Center”), as well as specialized technology products developed by the Company exclusively. The Company is a biotechnology spinoff of the Safar Center and is committed to the preservation of human life through advancements in emergency medical resuscitation. EPR-Technologies utilizes the revolutionary emergency resuscitation capabilities developed by the Safar Center over the past two decades to form the basis of its technology and “know-how” for a Company patented product line to support novel, advanced, life-saving emergency resuscitation by introducing products and procedures for “Emergency Preservation and Resuscitation” (EPR) to save a life when standard cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) fails.

Washington D.C., Metropolitan Area, United States, September 06, 2022 – EPR-Technologies, Inc. is a leading biomedical company dedicated to expanding and advancing emergency medicine capabilities to save lives in serious trauma cases and sudden cardiac arrest victims when cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) fails. The company has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Start Engine and intends to raise funds to make Emergency Preservation and Resuscitation (EPR) techniques the new “Standard of Care” in emergency medical response. 



When CPR used by first responders and medical personnel fails, EPR provides an advanced rapid profound hypothermia capability for immediate and targeted intervention that can isolate the heart, brain, and other vital organs to impose a state of clinical preservation. This provides critical time (approximately 3+ hours) for transporting patients to a trauma center where specialized acute care and advanced medical/surgical intervention capabilities can be implemented. 


“The “AHA! moment” was the initial critical large animal study that first demonstrated “rapid profound hypothermia” could preserve these animals even after surgical trauma or prolonged bleeding to exsanguination cardiac arrest, followed by surgical repairs and delayed resuscitation with full recoveries. This was further supported by those rare anecdotal cases in which healthy skiers are trapped in a mountain avalanche, buried in snow, and quickly cooled to the point of cardiac and respiratory arrest. Some of these individuals were rescued in 1-3 hours, rewarmed, and resuscitated, as reported in the medical literature. “If possible, for healthy individuals, why not attempt to achieve comparable results for victims of severe trauma or sudden cardiac arrest,” states Co-Founder and CEO Lyn Yaffe.


Founded in memory of Dr. Peter Safar, the father of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. EPR-Technologies is dedicated to the memory and vision of Dr. Peter Safar, “the father of cardiopulmonary resuscitation,” for pioneering the idea of rapid profound hypothermia to advance emergency medical resuscitation capabilities in order “to save hearts and brains too good to die,” as Dr. Safar always would say. “As a mentor to the principals who founded EPR-Technologies, Dr. Safar is the inspiration for us to achieve our goal of making EPR techniques the new ‘Standard of Care’ when CPR fails,” adds Yaffe.

Visit their Start Engine page for more information about EPR-Technologies and their equity crowdfunding campaign www.startengine.com/epr-technologies. Connect with EPR-Technologies on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

Media Contact

Company Name: EPR-Technologies, Inc.

Contact Person:  Lyn Yaffe

Phone:  (301) 467-2838

Website: https://www.epr-technology.com

Address: 23041 Wild Hunt Drive, Gaithersburg, MD 20882

City: Washington D.C., Metropolitan Area

Email: [email protected]

Country: United States

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