On the Service Drive: Examining Technology’s Role in Service Retention


Vehicle scarcity continues to drive high prices and low discounting, leading J.D. Power to predict that 2022 would be the most profitable year for dealers. Overlooked is how missed sales from the last three years will impact service sales. One estimate puts the loss at $100,000 for the average dealership.

TEXT2DRIVE surveyed 1,000 U.S. vehicle owners to examine the potential influence new tech-driven conveniences might have on service retention. Download the report to learn:

  • Top 3 reasons vehicle owners choose dealer service departments over aftermarket shops.
  • Top 3 tech-driven conveniences consumers say could help dealers retain their post-warranty service business.
  • Top 5 reasons female millennials want the shopping cart-like service experience.
  • Top 3 service communications vehicle owners prefer texting over email and phone calls.
  • The one service communication in which email still trumps texting.

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