[Premiering 8/15 at 1PM ET] Louisiana AG Takes on Federal Government and Big Tech in Censorship Lawsuit | Facts Matter

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At the Conservative Political Action Conference, we had the opportunity to speak with Louisiana’s Attorney General Jeff Landry. A few months ago, Landry filed a lawsuit in Louisiana alleging that the government either co-opted, colluded with, or encouraged Big Tech to censor American speech during the COVID pandemic, which violated the First Amendment rights of anyone who was banned, blocked, censored, de-platformed, or had content removed.

An example Laundry cites as evidence of this collusive relationship between the government and Big Tech was the Zuck Buck scandal of 2020, in which the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative funneled over $400 million directly to government officials overseeing the 2020 election.

Landry suggests that if you feel you’ve been unrightfully censored by a Big Tech platform, contacting your state’s attorney general is a good idea.

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