SDTC Tech 24-Pin ATX Power Supply Jumper Bridge Tool PSU Test Starter Without Being Plugged Into The Motherboard

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Price: $5.99
(as of Jul 27,2022 13:36:32 UTC – Details)


1. Compatible with 20-Pin and 24-Pin ATX Power Supply
2. Can power up PSU without accessing motherboard
Name: 24 Pin ATX Jump Start Power Supply Bridging Connector Plug
Cable: 1007 18AWG
Color: Black
Package Include: 1x 24-Pin ATX Power Supply Jumper Bridge Tool

24-Pin ATX/EPS Power Supply Start Up Jumper Bridge Tool is compatible with 20/24 pin connector.
Test starter allows the PSU to be powered on without being plugged into a motherboard.
24-Pin Bridging Connector Plug can run and start up any ATX/EPS power supply by its self.
The jumper is using 1007 18AWG cable for reliability in long use.
Often used in assembling/testing PC water cooling systems, BTC Miners, testing lights, fans, hard drives or the power supply itself etc.