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All Guitar Techniques’ audio and video lessons are now accessible online, with animated tab versions of every lesson, previously only available in the magazine’s digital edition. 

So now you can use GT wherever you are, using your phone, tablet or laptop

The lessons are spread over 7 pages and 70+ video and tab examples. Use the navigation bars above to find your way around.

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Page 1 (scroll down below): Jam Tracks, One Minute Lick, Tune-up

Page 2: George Harrison Special! 

Page 3: Nick Johnston video, Kris Barras video, The Crossroads (Jazz to Blues), 

Page 4: Classical (Farewell Lad), 30-Minute Lickbag, Blues (Joe Bonamassa)

Page 5: Rock (Slash’s Snakepit), Shred (Steve Morse), Improve Your Strumming 

Page 6: Acoustic Country (Eric Johnson), Fundamental Changes (Economy Picking)  

Page 7: Them Changes (Andy Jones)



Slow Blues (Am):

Sweet Groove Blues (C):

Jazz Rock Jam (Em): 

Bluesy G Phrygian Jam:



One Minute Lick (Fast):

One Minute Lick (Slow): 



Tune up (E A D G B E): 

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