The Fashion meets Tech show at TECNO Camon 19 launch

High fashion was on everyone’s lips at the recently launched TECNO CAMON 19 launch on Tuesday the 28th of June 2022. The renowned smartphone brand pulled off a fashion show-inspired event as it launched its latest smartphone in Nigeria.

The celebrities who graced the event didn’t disappoint as they understood the assignment looking all glammed up. Some would even say there was a competition on who stood out the most.

What took it up a notch was the fashion/tech-inspired fashion show which saw celebrities like Chioma, Sega, Progress, Venita Akpofure, UTI, and Temisan Emmanuel walk the runway while holding the CAMON 19 devices.

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The models’ creative outfits were from 3 fashion houses: Emagine by Bukola, House of Nini, and Drik Apparel.

The models strutted the walkway starting with the merch outfit from Drik Apparel. House of Nini brought high fashion to the runway giving the audience a Paris fashion show vibe. Imagine by Bukola showed the audience what TECH and Fashion looked like when combined.

The fashion designers had great outfits that explained the event theme “Fashion Meets Tech”


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This event would indeed be the talk of both the fashion and tech industries for a long time. TECNO showed us that they understood the assignment by showing the audience how Fashion and Tech look when combined.

Each outfit showcased on the runway had a perfect matching smartphone to go with it, and TECNO showed that they were versatile in that aspect CAMON 19 has a starry effect unique feature, this happens when light hits the back of the phone. A head turner.

A group of people on a stage  Description automatically generated

A group of people walking on a runway  Description automatically generated with medium confidenceTECNO has raised the bar in the Tech and Fashion industries with the CAMON 19 launch. The entire country of Nigeria is pleased and eagerly awaits what TECNO does next.

What colour of CAMON 19 are you buying?

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