Terrain Health Partners with Novel Biotech Company Microgenesis to Offer Breakthrough Solutions for Unexplained Infertility

Ridgefield, CT, July 06, 2022 –(PR.com)– Terrain Health, an international, precision healthcare organization, focusing on integrative and functional medicine is thrilled to announce they are partnering with Microgenesis, a novel biotechnology company whose cutting edge research has linked the health of the microbiome to infertility, opening the path for an effective, non-invasive therapy to improve the reproductive potential.

Terrain Health was created by Dr. Robin Rose, a double board specialist in gastroenterology and internal medicine, and addresses root cause analysis, with a focus on the gut microbiome, healing patients naturally from the inside out. Terrain is thrilled to extend that mindset to women’s health and fertility, and through their partnership with Microgenesis, offers a natural and effective solution to restore fertility potential by identifying the root cause of “unexplained infertility.” As a result of breakthrough research, this “unexplained infertility” could now be explained by low grade, chronic inflammation stemming from an imbalance of the gut microbiome, in turn, impacting the vaginal biome.

Over 15 years of scientific research by Founders Gabriela Gutierrez PhD and Agustina Azpiroz, PhD has culminated in identifying the link between the gut microbiome and infertility. Their test identifies 64 alterations of the gut biome that foster intestinal permeability, resulting in chronic inflammation that could impact your ability to achieve and maintain pregnancy. Terrain works with patients to identify and correct these imbalances through a personalized 75 day program, naturally and cost effectively, without the use of invasive hormones, prescriptions or weekly ultrasounds and blood work.

Terrain and Microgenesis are excited to bring this solution to women at all stages of their fertility journey, whether just beginning to try to conceive or having gone through cycles of IUI or IVF. Terrain and Microgenesis have cracked the code on unexplained infertility, and look forward to the potential impact of this innovative program. “Our ultimate goal is to restore fertility potential as naturally as possible. When women’s health is restored to its maximum potential, everything is possible,” concludes Agustina Azpiroz, co-founder and CTO of Microgenesis.

“After years of research, nature has confirmed that if a woman has even the potential to develop a disease, it can prevent her from becoming pregnant. We focused on packaging all of our research and expertise in a simple at-home test that provides the underlying information to restore fertility potential without using drugs and invasive treatments,” said Gaby Gutierrez, co-founder and CEO of Microgenesis.

Dr Rose is also excited about the long term benefits of the program, “By identifying these underlying drivers of inflammation and imbalances in the gut microbiome, you will not only be able to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy, but will be optimizing your long term heath and averting the smoldering condition from manifesting down the road.”

About Terrain Health

Terrain Health continues to combine the latest science and technology in its approach to healthcare, focusing on root cause analysis and precision, individualized healthcare. Dr. Rose and Terrain Health leverage continual data driven knowledge to better understand the “whole” person, and to optimize healthspan. As Terrain grows it will continue to look to next generation diagnostics to find novel ways to enhance health and happiness. For more information, call us at 203-900-4416, visit us at www.terrainhealth.org, or connect with us on Instagram.

About Dr. Robin Rose

Dr. Rose received her bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Neuroscience from Lehigh University, graduating with honors. She then went on to obtain her master’s degree in Neuropsychology from New York University. She received her medical degree from the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine, graduating with honors, and being inducted into the Psi Sigma Alpha Osteopathic National Honors Society. She did her post-graduate training in both Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology & Hepatology at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City and has received board certification in both disciplines. She is listed as a functional medicine provider with the Institute of Functional Medicine. She is the author of several peer-reviewed articles published in various fields, including gastroenterology, neuroscience, and hematology. Her most important research was done with Dr. Burton Korelitz in Inflammatory Bowel Disease with publications in the American Journal of Gastroenterology and Gastroenterology.

About Microgenesis

Microgenesis is a novel biotechnology company created by women for women with the goal of helping to find more natural and effective solutions to restore fertility potential.

It was founded in 2020 by reproductive immunology researchers that spent 15 years studying the impact of the gut microbiome on fertility. Microgenesis’ leading scientific research identified a common gut problem among women seeking to conceive: an imbalance of the gut microbiome that leads to inflammation and contributes to their inability to achieve and maintain pregnancy. They created the first functional microbiome test and wellness therapy designed to restore fertility potential. www.microgenesis.net

About Dr. Gaby Gutierrez

Gabriela Gutierrez, PhD, co-founder of Microgenesis, is a scientific researcher with more than 15 years of experience in infertility and finding inflammatory causes that affect reproductive potential in women. Dr. Gaby Gutierrez received her bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from CAECE University. She obtained her PhD degree in Reproductive Immunology from Buenos Aires University and didher post PhD in collaboration with the University of Jena in Germany. She has more than 100 publications in different national and international journals, in addition to her collaborations on numerous books. Skilled in Life Sciences, Entrepreneurship, Medicine, and Science, Dr. Gutierrez focuses on the development of new products within the Microbiota and Immunology fields.

About Dr. Agus Azpiroz

Dr Agus Azpiroz, Cofounder of Microgenesis, received her bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from Buenos Aires University, and obtained her PhD degree in Medical Science from Buenos Aires University. Throughout her career, she has specialized in Microbiology. She collaborated with the University of Jena in Germany on the study of microRNAs in fertility. She is focused on the development of new diagnostic platforms around Microbiota and Immunology fields.

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