DOYB Technical Solutions, Inc Specializes in Cyber Protection in Alpharetta and Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, GA — (ReleaseWire) — 07/05/2022 –The threat of cyber-attacks, including data breaches, is increasing and is something that every company needs to be aware of. The only way to prevent a cyber-attack is to have a cyber security plan. This plan will help businesses prevent, detect, and respond to cyber-attacks.

The most successful businesses in the world understand the importance of cyber protection. They invest in professional cyber security teams and infrastructure to protect their systems and data from hackers and malware.

DOYB Technical Solutions, Inc is a leading company offering cyber protection in Alpharetta and Atlanta, Georgia. Both small and mid-sized companies and enterprises in Atlanta, Macon, Sandy, Springs, Marietta, Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Roswell, Georgia, and the surrounding areas trust DOYB Technical Solutions for multi-layer internet and data security.

The experts at DOYB Technical Solutions walk their clients through best practices for online safety, and they monitor their networks for unusual activity. The consequences of a cyber security failure— whether a data breach, a system intrusion, or a malware infection—are severe, and they can have a far-reaching impact on a business’s reputation, operations, and bottom line.

They also provide all an organization’s employees with regularly updated training and education courses. They empower employees with constant education and training to ensure the utmost cyber security protection in the enterprise. To keep users engaged and educated, they create short, interactive videos. They also run simulated phishing attacks to evaluate users’ abilities regularly. These campaigns allow clients to assess and rate their users depending on how they respond to simulated assaults. The goal is to keep users engaged and allow businesses to identify people who may require extra training.

DOYB Technical Solutions provides a range of services to help protect people from malware. For cyber protection to be adequate, they need to monitor many different websites, with each action logged and evaluated. They also need to analyze the logs to identify patterns in how people use the internet and decide which ones to take special action to protect.

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DOYB Technical Solutions provides a wide array of computer, network, and cloud-based services for businesses in multiple industries, including legal, healthcare, finance companies, and government contractors.

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