Mission Zero, NetEase’s PvP stealth game, launches technical test for specific regions in July


Mission Zero, NetEase's PvP stealth game, launches technical test for specific regions in July

NetEase has released its newest trailer for the upcoming stealth PvP game Mission Zero. This trailer has been released to hype up the upcoming technical test that begins July 8th, and gives players a rundown of the gameplay and what they can expect to be taking part in if they do get access to said tech test.

In case you missed out on our coverage in May, Mission Zero is a very strange title in comparison to many genre comparisons. It will pit 6 players into a 2v4 setup as invaders and chasers. The chasers, Mobius, act as security for the story’s primary mega-corporation. The invaders are a group named Sirius that desire to reveal this mega corp’s inner secrets, a ragtag gang of people who must avoid detection from Mobius and escape with secret files.


Either chasing or hiding, you’ll be taking part in a very intense game of hide-and-seek where Mobius will seek to hunt down members of Sirius to get rid of them before they can find any secrets. Both sides will have numerous characters to choose from, each sporting their own unique abilities that will drastically switch up your gameplay within this hide-and-seek arena.

With such a unique format of play along with a large suite of flashy and cool abilities, each used by a wonderfully designed character, Mission Zero could end up being a real hit. In a market where Dead by Daylight is one of the most successful multiplayer titles out there, a quasi-asymmetrical hide-and-seek game like Mission Zero could become very popular very fast for players who enjoy the genre.

Mission Zero will begin its technical test from July 8th onwards for players in Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand. If you’d like to learn more and pre-register, you can check out the official Mission Zero website.

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