Ethereum Mining Is Going Away, and Miners Are Not Happy -of-work to proof-of-stake will cut power consumption sharply—and leave some expensive technology searching for new uses.

My country has talked about giving up on burning peat for heat… for 30 years. Yet every step taken towards stopping use it has come as a shock to peat producers – all of them had JUST bought new equipment with massive loans and stopping burning of beat will lead them to bankruptcy, and surely to ruin greenhouses and farms with animals since they got their peat from same producers that made it for incineration. It has only been in the works for 30 years, the talks started around the fall of the Berlin wall and collapse of soviet union. During this countless lakes and rivers been polluted beyond repair. Clear pristine waters with sandy bottoms, are now brown with sludge bottom.

Internet explorer’s end of life was announced 2015; yet there were people who woke up 2 weeks ago shocked that their systems didn’t work. Apparently a big problem in Japan where whole government services just stopped working.

So yeah… They only had 4 years to prepare. That is like nothing on the scale of the general fuckery that happens on these matters.

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