18 Gadgets You Can Use to Make Luxurious Coffee

Espresso or americano, cappuccino or latte — those are the choices that coffee lovers have had for quite some time. But now there are so many diverse, progressive, and technological methods of brewing that it’s become difficult to make a choice in favor of one thing.

Today, we at Bright Side are looking into how different preparation methods affect the taste and properties of this drink. We have collected some gadgets from Amazon that show off some of these new brewing methods. After all, how do you know which coffee is the most delicious until you try them all, right?

Pressure brewing

With this type of brewing, water is passed through the ground coffee under high pressure, so the preparation time is significantly reduced. The taste of the coffee is more intense than with other types of brewing. Here are a few gadgets for getting this kind of coffee.

1. Espresso machine for quick brewing of concentrated, intense coffee

2. Moka (or geyser coffee maker) is another quick way to get an intense, dense drink

3. Moka coffee pot with a stylish retro design

4. Cast aluminum single-cup coffee maker with a futuristic design

5. Moka with a transparent top so you can see when your coffee is ready

6. Aeropress for brewing a strong drink wherever you are


This is the oldest method. When ground grains are mixed with hot water they release a nice flavor and aroma. It takes more time but allows you to adjust the strength and intensity of the drink. Check out the gadgets for this kind of brewing!

1. French press for less intense and aromatic coffee

2. Fascinating French press with a holographic design

3. Compact travel French press for high quality coffee anywhere

4. “Coffee kettle” for simply pouring hot water over coffee or to use with paper drips

Brewing coffee in a siphon

It is an art and really looks like a show. This is a long and difficult way, which is hardly suitable for every day. However, many gourmets consider coffee in a siphon to be the most delicious, with a clean and rich taste. With this unit, you’re guaranteed the title of coffee guru!

1. Japanese style vacuum siphon for a mesmerizing coffee show

2. Belgian coffee siphon with a striking retro design

The drip method

This can be another stylish way to brew quality coffee. It takes time, but makes it possible to prepare many servings for several people at once. Medium grinding is used, and the drink is rich and aromatic.

1. This “Pour-over” coffee maker with a permanent filter allows you to see every drop of coffee being prepared.

2. Drip coffee machine with a filter that will be enough for all of your guests

Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee originated in the 16th century in the Ottoman Empire. It requires fine grinding and skill. The result is a strong, unique taste with a dense foam.

1. Exquisite handcrafted Turkish coffee pot with an ornate design

2. Glass Turkish coffee pot that can be used to heat milk

3. Turkish coffee pot in the shape of a teapot with a lid and a convenient spout

4. Steel Turkish coffee pot with a wooden handle that won’t spill your coffee

What brewing method have you tried? And which one are you hearing about for the first time?

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