Enzolytics Inc.: A Texas-Based Biotech Company Dedicated to Developing Therapeutics to Treat Infectious Diseases

Enzolytics IPF Immune™ is a New Over-the-Counter Supplement that Reinforces the Body’s Defense Mechanism

Enzolytics, Inc., which is rolling out its over-the-counter IPF Immune™ health supplement, is committed to developing effective and affordable therapeutics for treating infectious diseases.

Leading Enzolytics, Inc. is Charles S. Cotropia, who previously served as CEO of BioClonetics Immunotherapeutics, Inc. since 2009, before BioClonetics merged with Enzolytics.

“I have a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and a law degree from Cornell University,” Mr. Cotropia said. “For 46 years, I represented a diverse group of clients in patent matters, including those in the biotech industry.

“Those representations, along with my work with my brother Dr. Joseph Cotropia, introduced me to the biotech field,” he added.

Serving with him is Harry H. Zhabilov, Enzolytics’ Chief Scientific Officer of the Company and inventor in several patents in the biotechnology area.

“Harry, who holds several U.S. patents covering immunotherapy technology, has extensive experience in nutraceutical supplements,” Mr. Cotropia said. “Harry is dedicated to developing several therapeutics that target infectious diseases, including HIV and other viruses.”

The latest product from Enzolytics is IPF Immune™, which strengthens the body’s immune system.

“We have developed an immune modulator that reinforces your defense mechanisms,” Mr. Zhabilov said. “We believe IPF Immune™ will help protect people from infections and diseases, as well as reduce the time to recovery after an illness.”

Mr. Zhabilov explained how IPF Immune™ works.

“Our immune modulator increases the body’s ability to ward off infections by strengthening the body’s antioxidant defenses,” he added. “IPF Immune™ tags viruses and bacteria to assist T-cells in addressing them. By doing this, our immune modulator helps the body’s immune helper T-cells to perform their natural function.”

Enzolytics’s team recently met with buyers from large and small retail chains in the U.S.

“We are looking to put IPF Immune™ into the hands of people who want to protect themselves from viruses, bacteria, and diseases,” Mr. Cotropia said. “We know consumers are looking to health supplements that give their immune system a boost. Two years of COVID-19 forced everyone to think about their health.”

Enzolytics IPF Immune™ is a nutritional supplement that is taken orally two consecutive days per week for eight consecutive weeks.

For more information, email [email protected] or visit enzolytics.com.

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Enzolytics, Inc.

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About Enzolytics, Inc.

Enzolytics Inc. is a Texas-based biotechnology company that focuses on therapeutics to treat numerous human health medical conditions. In addition to Enzolytics IPF Immune™, which will be on the U.S. market soon, the Company is developing other therapeutics for treating multiple infectious diseases, including monoclonal antibodies for treating COVID-19 and HIV, and anti-cancer therapeutics.

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