Techtonica, First-Person Automation Game, Announced by Fire-Hose

It’s Time to Get Building 

From basic resource gathering to a planet developing factory. The tools for problem solving are at your fingertips, you just have to take them. Today, Fire-Hose Games reveals its latest project the first-person factory/automation game, Techtonica. A press release provides details about the features of the game including what players can look forward to. Furthermore an announcement trailer gives a great look into the art style and basic gameplay. 

Techtonica Fire Hose New Project

Players of Techtonica find themselves on an alien planet that orbits no star. Landing on the planet you have only the essentials for resource gathering and basic crafting. Yet, all of the tools are at your disposal to learn how to make a functioning factory. As players progress and automate more tasks, their crafting will get more and more complex. You start the game mining your own resource but soon you can construct mining implements. Furthermore, construct resource extractors, fabricators, and more. In time, you will construct a sprawling factory that will help you solve even the biggest challenges. However, as you progress the challenges become more numerous, and complex, so you better be ready to put your factory to work and try different layouts. 

The announcement trailer gives players a glimpse of what they are in for.  For instance, the trailer hints towards the secrets of the planet’s bioluminescent caverns you will be exploring. Yet, also shows the player some basic gameplay and features of that nature. 

Techntonica is Fire-Hose Games’ newest project. Currently, it is available for wish list on Steam. More information is bound to come out in the future. Are you ready to build your own factory? What features do you hope to see in Techtonica! 


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