TechonomyAfrica partners AFOMA to power inclusive growth in blockchain education across Africa

Blockchain history was made as TechonomyAfrica proudly announces its partnership with AFOMA. AFOMA is a technology driven organization, leveraging their native utility token designed and built to drive an ecosystem that supports social impact initiatives across the globe primarily through the promotion of artists and artisans. In addition, their vision includes the facilitation of blockchain education across Africa to enhance its adoption in trade and commerce. Together, we will deepen our impact in empowering the next generation of African leaders with the skillset needed to build sustainable wealth, calibrated for the new age with the AFOMA Foundation grant of one million (1,000,000) OMA tokens, geared towards incentivization of learners upon completion of program milestones.

TechonomyAfrica is building Africa’s largest “learn to earn” Blockchain and Crypto DAO and has created over 1,000 beginner to advanced level video projects to teach Blockchain, DeFi, DAO Crypto development, trading, investments, application development related to financial app, decentralized markets, games, crypto wallets, and more. TechonomyAfrica riding on its partnership with AFOMA, seeks to bridge the gap where blockchain and crypto enthusiast can have access to tutorials and resources that help them learn how to leverage and build blockchain products at zero cost to learners.

This is the very first partnership of its kind in Africa, thanks to the more than 16,000 entries across 20+ African countries who registered to join its inaugural cohort. This places TechonomyAfrica and AFOMA a step closer towards its mission to drive innovation and growth, while contributing to end poverty and unemployment by boosting youth employability in the global blockchain space.

Our vision at AFOMA can be enhanced through our Partner Rewards Program, where we offer grants to potential partners aligned with our vision to drive the social impact narrative. Our partnership with TechonomyAfrica will help us achieve this. Their commitment to contributing to the growth of blockchain education across Africa will be very important in the years to come. The knowledge and adoption of blockchain and its use cases can only benefit Africa for the better. This will truly unlock opportunities and innovations that will allow for inclusion and the platform required to allow Africa to continue in its strides to achieve amazing accomplishments across the globe. We are truly pleased with this partnership, and we look forward to the amazing things we hope to accomplish with TechonomyAfrica. Eric Osuorah, Founder, AFOMA

This partnership will encourage learning and innovation of crypto products across top exchanges and blockchain networks. According to the Linda I.A Obi, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, TechonomyAfrica is rolling out this initiative as part of its efforts to be the largest blockchain and crypto Ed DAO platform, for beginner to advanced level blockchain developers.

About TechonomyAfrica

TechonomyAfrica is a project-based learn to earn platform that teaches Blockchain enthusiast and students how to leverage blockchain and crypto education for investment, trade, build real products in areas such as NFTs, metaverse, tokens, blockchain, cybersecurity, data science, game development, and programming. All content is organized around projects where learners learn and earn from watching experienced curators, instructors and developers that teach and build practical products.


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