Microsoft acquires process mining technology, Minit to improve operational efficiency

Microsoft has acquired Minit, a process mining technology that enables businesses to uncover opportunities for continuous process improvement and better operational efficiency.

According to the tech company in its blog post, the acquisition will further empower Microsoft to help its customers digitally transform and drive operational excellence by creating a complete picture of their business processes, enabling every process to be easily and automatically analyzed and improved.

In addition, it stated that this would enable customers to better understand their process data, uncover what operations look like in reality and drive process standardization and improvement across the entire organization to ensure compliance at every step.

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What Microsoft is saying

Announcing its commitment to help organizations quickly discover and optimize their business processes by bringing data and execution together to unlock powerful insights, it noted that organizations across the globe are seeking to be more operationally resilient and accelerate their digital transformation plans.

It stated, “Seamless operations and ensuring that every component of each business process runs smoothly is critical, but most leaders are not able to understand the actual performance of their processes and end up making decisions based on subjective information.”

Justin Graham, General Manager, Process Insights said “Recent trends in automation and knowledge of the underlying processes and interactions are key to digital transformation.” 

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What you should know about Minit

  • Minit enables businesses to transform the way they analyze, monitor and optimize their processes.
  • According to Microsoft, Minit’s solutions have helped businesses gain deep insights into how processes run, uncover root causes of operational challenges and help mitigate undesired process outcomes.


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