GT 730 4GB DDR3 128 Bit PCI Express 2.0 X 8 (DVI VGA HDMI) Low Profile Graphics Card, PC Video Card (with Bracket)

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Product Description

gt 730
gt 730

KAER is a young brand in the Amazon market,

but we’ve been specializing in computer and computer graphics cards filed for over 10 years.

We are dedicated to bringing in budget graphics card specially designed for home, work, or gaming pc.

KAER GT 730 4GB 128 Bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x 8 Video Card

It’s a better replacement for your old GPU in helping you have a better HTPC and multimedia operation at home and at work.

Specification of GT 730 4G Graphics Card

Display core
NVIDIA GeForce GT 730
40 nm
Core process (CUDA)
96 Unified
Pixel Fillrate
2.8 Gpixel/s
GPU Clock
Memory Clock
667 MHz
Shader Clock
1400 MHz

Memory capacity
Memory type
Memory bit width
Memory bandwidth
Supplementary Power Connectors
Display interface
Maximum resolution
2048×1536 Pixel DisplayPort resolution

DirectX Support
Texture Fillrate
11.2 GTexel/s

OpenCL / CUDA / PhysX / DirectCompute 5.0
System Support
Windows 10 / Windows 8 & 8.1 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Linux / FreeBSD x86

video card
video card

Budget Graphics Card for Home and Working PC

The GeForce GT 730 Graphics Card is made of exquisite PCB materials,

which is a long lifespan budget GPU.

All-aluminum heat dissipation shell and silent cooling fan

brings smooth PC operation experience.

Low profile design of the computer graphics cards provides space-saving installation

and easy compact PC system building.

GT 730 4G could have 2 monitors displayed at once, but it could not support 3 monitors display at once, if you want to have 3 ones displayed at once, our GT 730 2G is a good option.

(Kindly remind: One Individual Replacement Bracket

Coming with the Video Card Will Help You Turn the Video Card to Be

a SFF Video Card When in Need by Removing the VGA Part and Have the Bracket Installed)

graphics card

graphics card

gpu graphics card

gpu graphics card

Nvidia graphics card

Nvidia graphics card

Small Low Profile Size Desgin

Even could be changed to be a Small Factor Form Graphics Card

Quality Components for Longer Usage

Double Air Cooling Systems with High Rotation Fan and All-Aluminum Heat Dissipation Shell

Proper Driver Download Guidance: Version of 391.35

small graphics card
small graphics card

geforce gt 730
geforce gt 730

【Pascal Architecture】The GeForce GT 730 graphics card is with 1400 MHz Shader Clock 4GB DDR3 on Pascal architecture, easily upgrading for convenient usage to save your budget for your old pc.
【Ideal Easy Installation and Usage Design】Low profile GPU design of the computer graphics cards brings space-saving installation and let you build a compact PC system easily even compatible with ITX case. There are 3 monitors of display interfaces for the video card including DVI, VGA, HDMI 2.0. Futhermore, you could own a sff video card after the VGA Interface removed(VGA is removable), and install the replacement bracket. Bus interface type of the pci express graphics card is PCle 8 X 2.0
【Excellent PC Operation Performance】The nvidia gpu is a good option for your PC by accelerating the overall performance of your PC. There is super smooth web browsing, outstanding photo editing, and video watching experience coming with the graphics card GPU, and you will get an enjoyable pc video feeling with 2 monitors displaying at once, but it could not support 3 monitors playing at once.
【Package Contents】1 x Nvidia GeForce GT 730 graphics card and 1 x Replacement Bracket (The bracket could help you turn it to be a SFF video card. )
【Good Service】ALL KAER’S GeForce GT 730 Graphics Card is from NVIDIA where you could get a driver download. If there is any help needed during your installation or usage of the Graphics Card, welcome to contact us for quick help on Amazon.