Pitta Studio Plastic RGB Power Stander Charging Dock for Logitech Mouse G Pro X Superlight,G502 Lightspeed, G703, G904 Lightspeed and G PRO Wireless Gaming Mice Powerplay Wireless Charging System

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Price: $39.99 - $32.99
(as of Mar 24,2022 02:07:09 UTC – Details)


Product description

Logitech mouse charging station.

We do research on the market and many computer accessories products,even use these product in our daily life, then find following solutions:

How to use?

Step 1,Please replace the charging module at the bottom of the mouse.

Step 2,Please tear off the transparent protective film at the bottom of the charging dock, and fix the charging dock on the desktop.

Step 3,Plug the wireless receiver of the mouse into the USB port behind the charging dock.

Step 4,Connect the charging station to the computer with the charging cable.

Put the mouse on the charging base, The mouse will charging.The blue indicator behind the charging base is always on when it connect to the computer.


The charging speed is the same as the charging speed of Logitech POWERPLAY, and the charging efficiency is slower than wired charging.The mouse can be only charged up to about 80%-90% no matter how long it takes,Not up to 100%.This is overcharge protection,It is not the product issue.


If you have any product problems, please feel free to contact us at your order system, we will answer your questions within 24 hours, and handle the measures according to the actual situation.


1.Please pay attention to this product only compatible with Logitech G Pro X Superlight,G903 Wireless Lightspeed,G Pro Wireless Wireless Lightspeed,G703 Wireless Lightspeed,G502 Wireless Lightspeed.

What’s in the box?

1 X Logitech Mouse Charging Dock

1 X 1.5m/5.93 Feet Cable

1 X Wireless Receiver Moudle Replacement

Note:If you want the mouse lightwight,Just remove it.

Convenient home base:Just put the logitech mice on the dock,always charged and ready to rock any adventure.
The logitech powerplay charging dock won’t fall off easily from desk or nightstand, non-slip feature which won’t stuck with one position and leave residue.
Always ready.The powerplay continuous wireless charging technology charging dock makes Logitech G502 Lightspeed, G703, G903 Lightspeed and PRO Wireless Gaming Mice charging easier than ever.
charging dock:Compatible with Logitech G Pro X Superlight,G502 Lightspeed, G703, G903 Lightspeed and G PRO Wireless Gaming Mice,Not the OEM original stock charger dock.
Plastic RGB, a must-have artifact for anyone who loves light rendering, controllable lighting, whatever you want! ! !