Jueapu 10000 Arcade Game Machine,Family Pandora Box Multiplayer Joystick Buttons Arcade Video Game for Home with 132 3D Classic Video Game, Newest System,Advanced CPU,Compatible HDMI,VGA Newest

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Product Description

Pandora BoxPandora Box

Pandora BoxPandora Box

Pandora GamesPandora Games

What is in the box?

2 x 3D+ Pandora Games Arcade Game Console

1 x 12 Volt AC Adapter

1 x 1.5m VGA Cable

1 x 3m HDMI Cable

1 x 1.5m USB 2.0 Cable

2 x 30mm replacement control buttons (extras)

1 x User’s Manual

Plug and Play

3D+ Pandora Games connects to your HD TV to play games3D+ Pandora Games not only sells to United States, but also sells to other countries, so we collect global retro arcade games from differnt countries’ languages.Some games are upgraded/extended version, or different regional versions, or some games are different emulators, please understand.

10000 games

The background can update the system

2*4 non-slip feet to prevent unwanted movement.

Customize buttons, switch language and game controls.

Pause/Resume/Hide/Delete game functions.

Support to play 4 players games.

Support to download 3D/2D games.

Support to search games. Alphabetical order.

pandora boxpandora box

Save & Search Games

Jueapu 3D+ Pandora Games includes several game types such as fighting games, action games, shooting gaems, racing games, sports games, and puzzles games.Search games by first English letter, you can easily find out a game to play.When you pause games, you can press “Save File” option, the games will be saved; Press “Read File” option, you can continue to play next time.


Upgrade WIFI function to download more games!

Press the small button near the 64G TF card slot to enter the settings screen.Find and click WiFi settings in the drop-down menu.Select the WIFI name and enter the password to connect to the network.Press D to return to the previous level menu, find and click Game Market.Select the game you need, click Download game and wait for the download to finish.



Arcade Game Console

Arcade Game Console

Arcade Game

Arcade Game

Full HD 1280×720 Video

Fully compatible with all HD TV/Monitor screens and Projectors.

Full HD 720P via HDMI or VGA: video resolution is 50% greater vertically and nearly 80% greater horizontally than previous 600P Pandora’s Box versions.

Recall Childhood Memories

Do you remember when you were a kid and used to go to the arcades?

Buy Jueapu arcade console includes lots of 80s and 90s arcade games, brings back the happy memories of joystick gaming with friends.

Support Multiplayers Online

Buy two USB handle game controllers and extra USB connector to connect them.support 4 people to play together

Pandora GamesPandora Games

Setting > “WIFI” >”Enter game market” to choose “CHART”or “CATEGORY” or “SEARCH” to download more 2D/3D games.

1.2G big enough capacity for you to download games; if not enough big for use, you can buy a new bigger USB drive to download.

🎮10000 Selected Classic Games: Arcade Game Console Pandora’s Box 11S Classic Retro Game Machine for PC & Projector & TV, 2-4 Players,Double Joystick,1280X720 Full HD,3D Games,Search/Hide/Pause Games,Including PSP, PS, N64, FC, SFC, GBA, GBC, MD, PCE, DC, FBA, MAME, a total of 12 emulators, 132 3D games;
🎮Customized Simple System: The game consoles main interface can perform three search modes: game classification search, quick input search, and simulator type search. With a favorite function, you can put your favorite games in your favorites and archive the games, so that you can continue to play next time; With excellent gaming experience.
🎮More Function: Support HDMI、AV、USB Output, Suitable for TV PC PS3 Xbox 360 Monitor ProjectorSupport 8 languages switching, such as Chinese, English and Korean. The CPU comes with a heat sink, low power consumption, longer-lasting play, built-in clear speakers, and adjustable volume;
🎮Pandora’s Box 11S Design: The latest 1280X720 HD operating system brings you clearer picture and smoother operation experience with gameboy, Big eight-way joystick, round and sensitive, strong touch, can more all-round control of game details.
🎮Best Service: Jueapu double Play against game console Can insert TF card, support memory expansion, you can download favorite games freely;If you have any questions, please connect with us soon , we will deal with it within 24 hours.