Premium Mouse Pad with Wrist Support – Ergonomic Mouse Gel Desk Mat and Wrist Rest – Comfortable Office Laptop – Cute Gaming Mouse Pads Or Computer Aid for Pain Relief by Jean Lemmond

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Price: $7.99
(as of Mar 14,2022 16:02:08 UTC – Details)


Made of gel and sturdy textured fabric, this mouse pad helps to reduce fatigue and make it easier to continue typing for longer periods of time. The support provided aids in preventing disorders and syndromes like arthritis and carpal tunnel. This mousepad is designed with a memory foam like cushion to fit your hand better and keep you comfortable all day during use. This is a perfect gift or option for office workers, editors, gamers, writers, accountants, designers, teachers, and students. The mouse mat has a strong fabric surface with a gel wrist rest for comfort and durability. This wrist rest is designed to be used on hard, flat surfaces for the best performance and can work with any cord or cordless bluetooth mouse. The base is made out of gripping rubber and offers a non-slip base that keeps it securely in place and won’t move on you during use. This mouse pad is compact and can be easily used at home or taken with you on the road or to the office.
COMFORTABLE SUPPORT – This ergonomic gel-filled wrist support and mouse pad provides a smooth steady surface and effective rest to your wrist to prevent disorders related to incorrect typing posture.
SMOOTH SURFACE COVERING – This sleek fabric covered design enables accurate mouse movement and tracking. It’s thick fabric reduces heat produced by the mouse ensuring a comfortable and productive working environment.
AT HOME OR WORK OFFICE MUST – This mouse pad and wrist rest is a must have for individuals spending long periods of time working, gaming, typing, or spending time on their laptop or at home computer.
DURABLE SLEEK DESIGN – This unique gel cushion conforms to your wrists for optimal comfort and support. It’s sleek design has a non-slip base and is lightweight but sturdy, preventing any damage and wear and tear from extensive use.
PAIN RELIEF AID – Give your wrists a break with this comfortable wrist pillow like product. Aid pain relief caused by poor typing technique or old age. This item is perfect for anyone that needs additional support at work or at home.