DLUOULU PBT Red Keycaps, Cherry Profile Keycaps Suitable for 60 Percent Mechanical Keyboards, 104 Keycaps(Red and Black)(Only keycaps)

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Price: $39.89
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Product Description

Red keycaps

Red and Black keycaps
Red and Black keycaps

Red and black keycaps

Warm Tips:

*This is the only keycaps set in the package, no keyboard included.

*Can be used for Standard 104 87 61 60% keyboards.


* Material: PBT

* Material characteristics: Not Easy to Get Oily

* Color: Red and Black

Keycaps Size:

* Ctrl: 1.25u

* Win: 1.25u

* Alt: 1.25u

* Menu: 1.25u

* SpaceBar: 6.25u

The thickness of the key cap:1.4mm


The red keycaps:

*The color of the font on top of the black and red keycaps is the same yellow color of the yello keycaps.

The black keycaps:

* The black keycaps are not pure black, with a little dark blue, you need to look closely to see.

The yellow keycaps:

*The font color above the ENTER and ESC keys is black for the black keycaps.

【PBT material】Compared to ABS keycaps, PBT keycaps are less likely to produce a greasy feeling after long-term use, with a longer service life and a unique sense of granularity.
【Thermal sublimation technology】 Advanced five-sided sublimation technology, so that the pattern does not fade, the color and pattern is richer than the doubleshot keycaps .
【Cherry profile】You will not feel fatigue even after a long time typing, Ergonomic design.
【ANSI Layout】104 pcs PBT Cherry Profile Keycaps with ANSI Layout. It is a good choice for you to DIY your mechanical keyboard.104 keys can fit for 61/87/104 mechanical keyboard keys.
【Notice】Only keycaps. Enter key, space bar and shift key are satellite axis design, please make sure that they are satellite axis design on your mechanical keyboard.
【What You Get】104 red and black keycaps and a keycap puller