MAGIPEA for Summer Infant Baby Monitor Charger Power Cord Replacement Adapter Supply Compatible with Monitor and Camera 28980 28970 New 2018 Style Replacement DC 7.5V 6.6Ft

Price: $15.99
(as of Apr 02,2022 00:21:08 UTC – Details)


Product Description




About the product:

Compatible with summer infant OEM device with extended 6. 6 Ft. long cord for your better use.

Rated Parameters:

Cord Length: 6. 6Ft.

Input: AC100 – 240V, 50/60Hz

Output: DC7.5V – 500mA

Partial Reference Compatible Models:

Monitors and cameras included Summer Infant 29190A 29000 29000A 28650A 28630 29240 28450 28460 28580 28590 28520 28680/Z 28560 28570 28530 28510 28040 02230 28600 28630/A F29240 29310 28520 2845013, 3927003H12

Baby Touch Camera AD0507050500 AD-050750500 ADN050750500T

✔Wide Range Compatible Power Supply – Input AC100 – 240V ; Output DC 7.5V – 500mA. *Notice*: Output current 500mA adapter can use for devices that need lower than 500mA without damaging.(like 300mA or 400mA). However, 7.5V 500mA adapter CANNOT use for devices that need higher than 500mA (like 1000mA), which may do harm to your device.
✔ How to know if it fits your device? – Make sure your Summer Infant device input port is a ROUND port. Input Voltage is 7.5V while input current is or lower than 1000mA. This won’t fit for devices that input voltage ISN’T 7.5V or input current higher than 1000mA.
✖ Models that won’t fit – Summer Infant 2800, 02800, 02804, 02805 AD150600550 02000Z 02000 AD050600550 AD05060055 AD050600550
✖ Won’t fit for other Brand baby monitor. This charger is only fit for Summer Infant baby monitor. It doesn’t work with other baby monitor like hello baby, GoodBaby, Motorola.