Kensington MP12 Magnetic Privacy Screen Compatible with 12″ 2016/2017/2018 MacBook (K52900WW)

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Price: $59.99 - $50.20
(as of Apr 02,2022 07:52:09 UTC – Details)


Trust Kensington, the choice of IT professionals, to help protect the information on your MacBook to reduce the chances of wandering eyes viewing confidential data on your screen. MP Series Laptop Privacy Screens limit the field of vision to +/- 30 degrees so a person off to the side only sees a dark screen. The reversible privacy screens also use low reflective coating to reduce glare, and they filter out harmful blue light by up to 22 percent.
MacBook privacy screen filter integrates seamlessly with your 2016, 2017 or 2018 MacBook by attaching to magnets that are already built in to the MacBook’s frame
Limits viewing angle to +/- 30 degrees, hiding personal or confidential information from anyone trying to look from the side
Reversible with matte and glossy viewing options; reduces harmful Blue light by up to 22%
Includes cleaning cloth and screen holder to keep your privacy screen clean and safe from scratches while not in use
Note: Because this privacy screen attaches with magnets versus sticking to the MacBook screen, The Lid of the laptop may have a slight gap when closed with the privacy screen attached; but the MacBook will still go to sleep and/or turn of the screen If that functionality is enabled